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Why Deca People?

At Deca People, our cornerstone is our role as a #trustedmatchmaker. We actively pursue individuals who embody the #nevereverquit mindset. We firmly advocate that prioritizing #peoplefirst is the key in order to fostering a better world.  Equally we see #hungerness as a powerful force fueling everyone toward growth and continuous evolution.

Dependable in our actions, Enthusiastic in our endeavors, Caring in our relationships, and Ambitious in our pursuits. These qualities form the essence of our identity and distinguish us in our mission. 


That is the DECA way!

Dependable - Enthusiastic - Caring - Ambitious

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Why use Deca People as your recruitment partner?

At the core of everything lies trust, expertise, cost-efficiency, and time-effectiveness. Our purpose is to assist you in discovering the optimal talent for your organization. We pride ourselves on being a #trustedmatchmaker, dedicated to ensuring that you find the perfect cadndiate for you.


Deca People is a Nordic Recruitment and Consultancy Firm, with a gobal reach, established in 2019 in Norway. Our commitment lies in providing Dependable, Enthusiastic, Caring, and Ambitious People as employees for our clients, or to join our growing tribe of Decasapians supporting our clients.

We possess experience across diverse industries and sectors, where a recurring theme revolves around the intersection of people and technology. Our network spans both domestic and international candidates, which we leverage in our recruitment assignments.

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Seeking a new opportunity?

Are you in search of fresh start? A new job perhaps? Or exploring alternative paths? Count on us to assist you - Let's craft a new career journey together.


"Happiness is not about chance,

but by choice."

Jim Rohn

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