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Deca People strive to be an inspiring employee. We seek to hold a dependable balance between life and work in our company. Happy employees make an enthusiatic work environment.

We seek therefore decasapians with a caring X-factor. It is our main goals to help our employees reach their full potensial and help them grow in an agile way to build the professional path.

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Deca People

Deca People is a Nordic company that provides resources for IT services.

We have unique access to a sizable roster of IT professionals and very skilled sw developers with different qualifications and specialties. 

Our company specializes in supplying the right people for various IT projects and assignments. We recruit the resources you need according to your requirements. Our IT specialists can integrate seamlessly into your in-house team or we help you recruit the right staff for your long-term needs. 

We can provide you with a team of skilled developers, a lead developer, and a project manager to help you to develop and or manage your IT footprint. 

Our company brings a Nordic management style and value to all of our activities. The majority of our clients are Nordic companies that range from young tech startups to more established enterprises. Clients are at the core of our company´s values, and we are eager to work with you to give you the best available experts for your projects. 

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Get to Know Us

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+47 45 00 35 00


+47 40 08 65 70


+47 40 88 68 01

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+47 91 90 46 75

HR Intern

+47 98 63 03 92

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